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What are the current Oregon Marijuana Laws?

The long wait is over!
The day when Oregonians can legally purchase and smoke weed is finally here.

Anyone 21 and older can purchase up to a quarter-ounce of dried flowers from more than 200 marijuana dispensaries all over the state of Oregon.

That being said, what does this law imply? Where are you allowed to freely light up and where can’t you?

To enlighten your minds, we have researched about the most controversial questions associated with legal weed. Here, we’ll answer the queries pertaining to where you are allowed to ingest, smoke, and carry this drug– as well as where you can possibly get caught, and how harmless it is to be under the influence of it.sign for legal pot store in oregon

Here are the most important things that you must familiarize yourself in regard with Oregon marijuana laws:

  • Starter’s Note:
    The sale of marijuana is limited to plants, dried flowers, and seeds. Wherein, marijuana-infused foods, drinks, candies, and other forms of edibles won’t be available for recreational shoppers.
  • As of the moment, pot shoppers in Oregon can take advantage of the tax holiday. This entitles them for a 25% of temporary sales tax that won’t kick in until January 4, 2016. This tax will be replaced with a 17% state tax after. As for the local government, they could add another 3% tax in case that their voters approve.
  • Although the use of marijuana has been legalized in the state of Oregon, you can still get fired from the use of it. The new law doesn’t affect the employer’s ability to reprimand drug-free policies, which only implies that it doesn’t prohibit them from firing those who are tested positive from the use of marijuana.

Within the Home: What the legalization means not only to homeowners, but to renters as well.

Smoking in the house
In Oregon, anyone can smoke inside their home as long as it wouldn’t be more than 8 oz. and 16 oz. of marijuana munchies, like pot brownies and other goodies.

Smoking in the yard
As long as it’s within a private property, you’re free to smoke marijuana. However, you should still keep the pot plants, as well as the drugs you’re going to consume in public places. That said, one’s backyard is considered as a safe spot, but the porch is not.portland oregon at night

Growing Pot
As long as you live in Oregon, you’re allowed to cultivate up to four pots per household, and up to 8 oz. of usable pots are allowed. Likewise, it’s also possible to combine 16 oz. of edible with that home pot of yours. What you’re not allowed to do is to create marijuana extracts as well as harsh oils.

Renting Marijuana
Smoking marijuana in a rental will depend on the situation you’re in. For instance, you’re not allowed to grow or smoke pot in a house where the landlord prohibits the use of marijuana. That’s why it’s important to check the rental agreement on your place and in case you have any concerns with regard to the use of marijuana, don’t hesitate to ask.

Where Can You Legally Buy It?

According to OLCC, the marijuana sales will get regulated after the license has been released to retailers in the year 2016. However, state officials came to a decision of allowing recreational sales of marijuana within medical dispensaries.

This type of sales will be monitored by the Oregon Health Authority and this will be the standard– the locals are only allowed to buy cannabis leaves, flowers, seeds, and lastly, starter plants.

More than 200 shops in Oregon have signed up to provide marijuana to users and one must be 21 years old and above to buy marijuana for non professional purposes. On the other hand, medical patients who are 18 and above can freely buy cannabis as long as they have the current OMMP card.

Aside from that, 4 small starter plants can be purchased, as well as an unlimited supply of seeds can be grown in a pot of a home.

Giving Pot to a Friend
In Oregon, users are allowed to share the pot with their peers and take some from friends as long as no cash is involved. Likewise, it’s also possible to give some to a friend if they can give you a guarantee that they’ll leave the house shortly and would be away from the public eye.

For Those Who Have Children
Those who are 21 years old and older can use this drug whenever they want it. As for having marijuana around the younger ones? This will depend on the parents’ discretion.

Though, the authorities are hoping that the guardians and parents would be responsible enough to protect their child and wouldn’t even think of doing this vice in front of them.

What If It Becomes Bothering?
In case that you or someone you know is bothered with someone else’ pot smoking, the town’s annoyance laws should be the one to handle this.

This would be treated similarly to a loud dog. Wherein, if the neighbors are pissed by pot smoking, it would be ideal to call the law enforcement agencies as soon as possible.

At Work: What the law means in the workplace

Are You Allowed to Smoke During Work Hours?
This will depend on the company’s rules, but more often than not, they disapprove smoking marijuana during working hours. Likewise, working while under the influence of marijuana could be compared to being under the influence of other kinds of drugs and alcohol– which often serves as the grounds for getting fired.

Smoking After Work
This is definitely not allowed, unless the company or employer allows their employers to use the drug. Most of the companies here in Oregon prohibits the use of marijuana and other types of drugs. Thus, you can easily get fired even if your reason for smoking marijuana is for medical purposes.

Likewise, despite the fact that smoking marijuana is now legal in Oregon, there’s still a possibility that they’ll follow the old ruling in regard with the use of drugs.

On the other hand, a company or employer who doesn’t have a policy that restricts the use of marijuana, can indicate that you’re free to smoke this drug after work.

Bringing Pot to WorkPortland Oregon pot billboard
Employers and companies that don’t have any stipulations in their employment rules in regard to bring drugs to work will allow the person to bring up to a single ounce of marijuana in his workplace.

On the Road: The Meaning of Law for Transportation

FAQs about Marijuana and driving in Oregon
1. Am I allowed to bring marijuana in my car?
In Oregon, you’re allowed to bring up to 1 oz. of marijuana in your vehicle.
2. What about a plane?
This gets a little complicated, but carrying marijuana across the state lines is still considered as a federal offense. However, if you’re going to travel WITHIN the state of Oregon, then you’re allowed to carry up to 1 oz. of marijuana.
3. In a MAX train?
As long as you’re not smoking inside the MAX, then know that you can bring the marijuana aboard.

How Long Should You Wait Before Going on the Road?
This depends from one person to another, his experience, and the quantity and kind of marijuana consumed. Also, dissimilar alcohol, it’s impossible for the law enforcers to detect how much marijuana is currently affecting a person. In case that the officers believe that you’re too high to drive, there will be cases where they’ll conduct a field sobriety test and arrest the user due to probably cost.

Both police, as well as the OLCC encourage people to be cautious, especially when driving. For those who are not familiar with their limits, they should stay at home or a friend’s house instead of driving.

Am I Allowed to Drive to Washington, purchase pot, and bring it back?
Unfortunately, no– and it’s still considered as a form of federal offense. For instance, if you purchase marijuana in Washington, you have to consume it in Washington and follow the state laws of that place.

Though, the Portland police won’t enforce any forms of border issue in regard to this.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, they can’t and won’t enforce people to stop buying marijuana and bring it back home.

In Public: What to know about smoking pot in public settingssign saying no smoking pot in public

1. Are you allowed to smoke in public?
No, even though the use of marijuana has been legalized in Oregon, this doesn’t mean that you’re free to smoke or ingest pot in a public environment.
2. What about the private area of a public park?
No, although it’s a private spot, it’s still considered as a public area.
3. Are you allowed to carry pot in public
Yes, because of the ruling, those who live in Oregon can bring up to an ounce of marijuana while they’re out in public.
4. Am I allowed to be high in public after smoking at home?
Yes, as long as you’re not bothering anyone, there aren’t any rules that forbid the user from being high in public after smoking at home.
5. Am I allowed to smoke in bars?
Although most of the bars serve alcohol, this doesn’t mean that they allow the use of marijuana as well. The reason behind is that Cannabis smoke falls under the same rules with regard to cigarette smoking. Which only implies that the consumption of marijuana should be at least 10 feet away from windows, doors, and other intakes.

There are some hookah lounges and cigar bars who have exceptions for this rule, and obviously, a cannabis lounge could have an exemption of this rule.

6. Am I allowed to smoke in an event, such as Weed the People and Cannabis Cup?
Despite its title, you’ll only be allowed to smoke if it’s a private event or will be held in a private property. Also, the pot should be given away instead of being sold.

Marijuana Safety: How Safe Is It?

People smoke marijuana to enjoy its temporary effects, such as relaxation and euphoria. However, some patients also experience red eyes and dry mouth from smoking this drug. These effects usually wear off after a few hours or so. However, the chemical stays in the system for up to a month.

As for the permanent effects connected with the use of marijuana, it is still being investigated, but studies show that it could impact the brain development of teens.

Though, the cognitive outcomes in healthy adults who take this drug isn’t that significant at all. Though, some studies claim that it could worsen the symptoms for those who have psychological problems.

Heavy use of this drug could lead to breathing problems, sudden mood changes, and drug dependence. Thus, officials urge moderation– just like what has always been recommended in regard to the use of alcohol.

How Much Marijuana Should be Ingested

Considering the fact that each person reacts to marijuana differently, there will be cases where some might feel fine even after smoking the joint– this would be for the experienced users. On the other hand, the beginners might feel paranoid or even hallucinate. Thus, for those who are unsure, it’s highly advisable to go slowly while inducing this drug.

What does this mean for smokers? Ideally, they should only be taking two “hits” and wait for a bit. It can take several minutes before the smoke fully kicks in, and these side effects usually last for hours.

On the other hand, pot food reacts differently and it takes a longer time to feel its effects. More often than not, it could be after a few hours or longer before the person starts feeling normal again. With that, edibles should be consumed in small doses, and this should be closely monitored– it’s easy to accidentally eat too much marijuana, than smoking too much.

What Should Be Done If You Feel Like You’re Overdosing
Although overdosing happens a lot, the good news is death related to this is extremely rare. In fact, based on research, it’s almost impossible to die from simply smoking cannabis– however, you’ll still feel like you’re having a heart attack or racing heart, but that’s about it.

The true effective antidote is nothing, but time. However, the treatment for overdose symptoms can range from anti-anxiety medication, and making it a point that the person wouldn’t end up hurting himself.

Are There Any Places in Oregon Where Marijuana Sale Is Still Banned?
Even though the usage of marijuana has been legalized statewide, counties and cities can still enact local bans under certain conditions, and when they feel it’s appropriate.

Newest developments:

Oregon Recreational Marijuana Draft Rules Released, Will be Finalized Early November







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