Why Can’t The Common Cold Be Cured?

Most people wonder why it is that we have made such great medical advances, such as heart transplants and a microchip that allows immobilized patients to speak through a computer, but we can’t cure the common cold.

One theory of why we catch colds at all, proposed by some naturopaths such as  Hulda Clark in her book “The Cure For All Diseases” is that the die off and rebirth of ascaris is what causes the common cold.  Since ascaris is very hard to get rid of, and many people don’t even try to get rid of it let alone know it exists, the colds just keep coming back each time we ingest some fertile eggs.

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Worms! We don’t have worms in the USA!

Well, that is a matter of debate. First of all, no one is testing for it regularly so we cannot say for sure. But it certainly is a good argument against the theory that ascaris causes the common cold.

The CDC does admit that we have raccoon ascaris in the US that can affect dogs. How many people have raccoons around and dogs that lick their faces in the US? A lot of them.

Also, how many of us eat raw produce from other countries? I know I regularly eat produce from Mexico and Chile in the winter.

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Life Cycle of Ascaris and The Cold

Ascaris lay up to 200,00 eggs per day, some fertile and some infertile. When we accidentally eat these fertile eggs on uncooked food, then we get the eggs in our gut.

eggs hatch and then the small worms make their way into the lungs. There they are coughed up and swallowed so that they get back into the small intestine where they can grow until it is time to die again.

See diagram here

The theory about ascaris and the common cold is that when they are in our lungs, that is when we get the caught part of the cold. Our immune system starts out by attacking the worms a few days before that. That is what sets off the runny nose. The cough is when we are coughing up the baby worms.


Why Don’t We Just Blast The Worms With Medicine?

First off, most AMA doctors don’t ever look for worms. The test for ascaris is a stool test where they look at your poop for worm eggs under  a microscope.  That is not a fun, easy medical test to do, like stepping on a scale or taking BP is, for example.  Albendazole and mebendazole are drugs that regular doctors use to treat them if someone does get diagnosed with them.

Second off, many people who are involved in natural medicine do take herbs to fight parasites, either annually or when they are sick. You can go to your local Whole Foods and get a parasite kit, or buy them online..  Some people take herbs when they get a cold to fight worms such as Green Black Walnut Tincture, thyme or Oregano Oil. This supposedly kills the worms and keeps them from spreading.

Third, some people believe that worms are not really bad for you. When I took the sociology of comparative medicine in college, I learned that in many countries worms are considered part of the healthy flora of the gut. This is just like how we consider the bacteria E. Coli a healthy part of our gut flora. In fact some medical professionals are now going so far as to infect people who have severe auto immune diseases with hookworm.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. I studied molecular and micro biology for many years and have since read a lot of things about health. I am not claiming any of this is true or that these remedies work.

You can read more about ascaris in these books at Amazon.com and maybe decide for yourself if ascaris causes the common cold. What do you think?




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